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"SageWoman is the most effective place we've ever advertised. Not only do
we get lots of calls, but more inquiries from SageWoman result in sales
than from any other venue. This speaks of the feeling of trust that readers
feel about SageWoman, and this carries over to the advertisers as well.
You've succeeded in creating a nurturing, stimulating, and spirit-filled
- Johanna Crowell, Path of Heart

"SageWoman is a rock-solid part of our marketing efforts. We can always
tell when a new issue hits the streets, as our phone starts ringing and the
website hits go through the roof. Keep up the good work!"
- Pete Kowalzik, Sacred Source.

"During the first few weeks of the magazine's debut, I saw droves of
visitors to my store, hundreds at a time. Your magazine really reaches
people in a special place.".
- Wendy Stevens, Garden Plum Enterprises

"We have received excellent results by advertising our line in SageWoman.
Your readers are quite responsive and wonderful to work with."
- Rosemary Aldrich, Peter Stone Designs

"I love SageWoman. Not only do my ads there work, but the customers who
come to me through SageWoman are the most delightful woman. I'll be
advertising with you forever."
- Robin Posin, For the Little Ones

Editorial Profile
SageWoman is the leading magazine of women's spirituality in the United States. Each quarterly issue is organized around a single theme, which forms the focus of the feature section of the magazine. The thematic nature of each issue is supplemented by an ongoing series of multi-part seasonal articles, and by our ten regular columnists, including such noted writers as Carol Christ, DeAnna Alba, and Diana Paxson. Our readers are primarily female; including women from a wide variety of spiritual paths including Wiccan/Pagan, Jewish, and Christian, among others. Our primary focus is Goddess spirituality; our readers appreciate the magazine for its visual beauty, down-to-earth, personal narratives, and in-depth coverage of all things relating to the Goddess.

Circulation and Distribution
SageWoman prints 23,000 copies per issue and is distributed through 20 regional (US) and international distributors. Approximately 16,000 copies are placed in feminist bookstores, independent and chain bookstores, health food, New Age, and Pagan bookstores in the United States and Canada. Our international distribution outside North America is currently small, but growing rapidly. SageWoman averages a net 65% sell through, one of the highest in the magazine industry, in spite of its premium cover price of $7.50 US. In addition to newsstand sales, SageWoman's subscriber base currently stands at over 4,500 paid subscriptions. Net sales of each issue total over 13,000 copies, yielding an average of 26,000 dedicated readers per issue. Our readers also purchase over 2,500 back issues per year, and most keep their issues for one year or more, ensuring long-life to your advertisements.

Reader Profile
SageWoman readers are educated, active women interested in feminist, Goddess-oriented, Pagan and New Age services and products. Reader's surveys revealed that our readers are 98% female, 90% have a college degree and they purchase an average of a dozen books on Goddess oriented subjects every year. Their interests include archaeology, mythology, Goddess lore, tarot, astrology, herbs and magick. They frequently buy on the Internet or via mail order to obtain good and services such as books, herbs, music, ritual products (candles, incense, etc.), artwork, statues, jewelry, clothing, rattles, drums and publications.They attend feminist, Pagan, Goddess-related, and New Age workshops, retreats, events, overseas trips and attend Goddess-oriented colleges and graduate schools. SageWoman's subscriber list is confidential and is not sold, rented, or shared.

SageWoman Classified Ads

$1.50 per word, 20 word minimum. 20% discount on prepaid classified ads running 4 issues or more.  Classifications may include: Books and Publications, Business Opportunity, Events and Learning, Goddess Goods, Herbs and Healing, Music and Video, Services, Tours and Travel. Additional classifications may be available; contact us if you have a category in mind.


A complete media kit can be found at which can be viewed, downloaded and printed.. The kit includes editorial overview of SageWoman, PanGaia, and newWitch, reader demographics, ad specifications, rates and contract forms for display and classified ads. Advertising questions and ad submissions should be directed to or by calling Anne at 888-724-3966.

Upcoming SageWoman Themes
Click here to see the upcoming SageWoman themes. For latest deadlines, contact Anne.

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